We are HOSAF Group

Hosaf Group, one of the largest and fastest growing companies in Bangladesh, owns and operates businesses across different sectors in the country. In 1975, the company launched its deep-sea fishing venture, which was an unexplored sector at that time. Hosaf Group became the pioneer in introducing reconditioned cars in Bangladesh. The goal was to develop the company into a premier business institution. In 1981, Hosaf invested in the garment sector including knitting and dyeing factories. After three decades, Hosaf has established itself as one of the leading business houses in Bangladesh; employing more than 800 people.

At present, Hosaf Group hold stakes in the power and energy sector, financial sector, electric meter and real estate.

Hosaf Group has always sought opportunities to explore new ideas for its expansion, both at home and abroad. The Hosaf Group of Companies include :

• Hosaf Meter Industry Limited
• Energy Prima Limited (EPL)
• Citilink Apartment Limited
• Hosaf International
• Hosaf Proficient Energy Limited (HPE)

Hosaf Group is also invested in and hold board seats in some of the leading financial institutions of the country, namely :

• National Bank Limited
• Pragati Insurance Limited
• Pragati Life Insurance Limited

Being a socially responsible organization, Hosaf believes in sharing its prosperity to augment the grouth and give back to the community. The group has played an important role in carrying out its social duties with the same standard of excellence and dedication shown in its daily operations. The group is actively involved in running and fully funding Bokter Munshi Moazzam Hossain High School (Bhor Bazar, Feni), Belayet Hossain High School and Amirabad Anowara Girls' High School (Sonagazi, Feni).

About Hosaf Proficient Energy Limited

Bangladesh is known the world over for its rich natural resources and its highly skilled workforce; the only challenge at this point is the acute power shortage which is a result of growth and industrialization within the country over the past 3 decades.

The government faces a challenge of ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the manufacturing plants, while alternate energy sources remain limited and expensive. With much load on the national grid, the only alternate available to industries is diesel generators. The option is not only expensive, but is high maintenance and pollutes the environment. Diesel generators are an impractical and ineffective alternate to regular power supply from the grid.

Keeping this serious problem in mind and given its success and vast experience in the energy sector, Hosaf Proficient Energy (HPE), a concern of Hosaf Group, has now decided to work on providing solar energy solutions within Bangladesh and energy efficient products which are cost saving, pollution free, green friendly with very low maintenance const. HPE commits to provide green solutions to help overcome power shortage by proving alternate energy solutions i.e.solar panels and better light that considerably reduces electricity consumption, thus resulting is lowered pressure on the national grid. This will increase efficiency of electricity utilization.

Power production in Bangladesh is always lower than demand; finding new or technical ways to reduce the excess usage of power is essential. HPE launched its new technology LED tube light and bulb, DC ceiling fan and DC water pump; these products give maximum efficacy but consume only 30% electricity as compared to regular electric products.

Our Solar water pumps are designed to pump water for irrigation, livestock and drinking water in areas with no access to electricity or with unreliable power supply. All of our solar pumps are based on alternating current pumps; they can start working under low sunlight and consume only 10% of the electricity that the regular pumps available in the market do.

We supply high quality solar charge controller with maximum power point tracking function. This includes the on grid inverter, which can supply direct current to alternative current. HPE street lights have high quality aluminum alloy structure and come in attractive designs. We provide plug and play portable solar solution for rural areas at very economic prices. Our portable systems can be used for small houses and boats, We also supply various solar kits such as solar lanterns and solar torch-lights.

HPE provides high quality mono crystalline solar modules. All the panels are made by Suntech of china or Bosch of Germany, grade A cells and the efficiency is about 18%.; Every panel gives extra positive current as compared to other modules currently used in Asia; this is due to perfect size and high quality cells.

Our on grid and hybrid new generation solar solutions for offices and commercial buildings can supply electricity during day time and at night it switches to back up battery. HPE solar solutions also have the capacity to supply extra current to national grid.

Our mission is to give Bangladesh a greener future!