Energy Efficient Plan for Factory or Office:

Our company has launched new, economic energy efficient product like LED tube and energy efficient fan which are currently available in countries like Japan, Taiwan and China. These types of products consume very low electricity and saves 65% electricity bill when compared to traditional energy saving CFL.

Quality inner transformer:

The tube driver is double isolated and high PF≥98%. It is imported from Japan. The company continues to make product improvements with focus on LED at the research and development facilities based in China.

Quality LED Chip:

High quality 1371 lm/watt Epistar LED chips are imported from Taiwan and HPE's in-house manufacturing team in China assemble in onto Unleaded PCB boards.

Special design of end-cap and case:

Removable and rotatable end-cap design makes replacement of inner-transformer quick and easy by pressing the switch on the end caps.

Qualities PC cover:

Our tubes are available in both transparent and opaque specification. LED is invisible when lit in opaque tube with an even light effect like traditional fluorescent light. This is 100% perfect replacement for traditional florescent lights.

Low light attenuation:

New technology used for white light reduces attenuation to less than 2% in 10,000hrs, (Traditional attenuation of withe light is at least 30%)