Solar Energy Solution

    Renewable energy is the rallying cry of the 21st Century; making the best use of renewable resources rather than expensive and finite fuel clearly is the smartest choice. A growing number of commercial energy solutions are being provided by effectively harnessing solar energy. Following are some of the profound renewable energy benefits, which every responsible citizen should know: The word 'renewable', says it all. Fossil fuels are perishable sources of energy, whereas renewable energy sources are non-perishable and can be easily replenished.
    Most renewable energy sources do not involve the combustion or burning of fossil fuels or other substances, which otherwise result in the release of toxic chemicals or other harmful atmospheric by products. Therefore, renewable energy is a clean source of energy and one that offers numerous environmental benefits. Renewable energy sources are plentiful and are available all over the world.Plus, being non-perishable energy sources, one doesn't have to worry about these energy reserves declining or getting exhausted in the future. Most of these energy sources have low maintenance costs associated with them. Also, renewable energy sources such as solar energy can be tapped very easily and conveniently for domestic use by individual home owners.
    Hosaf Proficient Energy Ltd provides the complete solar solution for last 3 years in Bangladesh and already experienced on many government and non- government projects on this field.
    Our Strength:
         -Professional Design Engineering Team.
         -High Quality System assurance.
         -Product Availability.
         -Trained Engineer for installation support.
         -Country wide sales support.
         -After sales service.
    Our Solutions:
         -Solar System for commercial area (Off-grid System).
         -Solar System for commercial area (Grid Tie System).
         -Solar Home System (off-Grid).
         -Solar Mini Grid System.
         -Solar Street Light (Stand Alone and Grid Connected).
         -Solar Water Heater.
         -Solar Power plant.
         -Solar Pump.